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My Web Sites
I have my paws on many web sites. And I've always got friends and colleagues asking me, "what was your web site address again?". So, now I always direct people to this web site, knowing that you can find any of my sites from here.
  1. • October 2001
    This is my computer knowledge base web site. I found that as more and more people found out that I'm a geek, more and more people started asking me how to do and fix things on their computer. So now I use the site to write up instructions and recommendations on a wide variety of topics (computer and not computer).
  2. • May 1997
    This site. The main reason I wanted this domain name was for easy-to-remember e-mail addresses for my family.
  3. • July 1997
    This is my web site for and about the city of De Pere. I launched it a couple of weeks after I moved my family to De Pere from Santa Ana, California. It proved a great way for me to learn more about my new home. This site generates some nice income through advertising.
  4. • January 1996
    My family tree web site. Home of GEDCOM Browser, a program I wrote that allows you to display your family tree on the web. My own family tree is located at
  5. • February 2001
    My barbeshop quartet, GQ4. Three of us have been together since September 2000. Our current foursome of Brian, Chris, Kelly and me, has been together since August 2005. As is our quartet, this is a very active web site, including a blog and many photos.
  6. • March 2002
    Just a small site with a bit of info about my wife and me. Includes a complete transcript of our wedding, including audio, along with some photos (if you're interested in that kind of thing).
  7. • March 1996
    My personal home page, including my blog, which I update regularly. Of all my sites, this is the one I update most often.
  8. • July 1996
    This is my web development company. I started it as a part time gig in Santa Ana, California in the summer of 1996. Over a decade later, smcNet is still going strong in De Pere, Wisconsin. While it's remained primarily a part-time project for me over the years, it's definitely a company for which I have a lot of passion and dedication. Through the use of my proprietary web content maintenance program called Site Maintenance Control (SMC), I'm able to help small companies establish and maintain a strong and robust presence on the internet.
  9. • September 2003
    This is a site I created to make short URLs out of those really long ones. It makes it very easy to provide a short URL in an e-mail message without having to worry about a long URL that wraps to the next line. For example, here's a short URL that takes you to a much longer URL with a video about the differences between Windows Vista and Mac OS: This site was originally free and open for public use. But spammers found smcURL quite useful too. Not wanting to contribute to our global spam problems, I closed this site to the public in March 2006, so I'm now the only user.
  10. • July 1996
    One of my first web sites. The oldest Green Bay Packer-related web site in the world (really). Now includes complete NFL league schedule with team rosters. Also a mobile version available.
  11. • July 2004
    My youngest daughter and I enjoy working on various household projects together. So we decided to keep track of a few projects and make plans/info available to other interested people. The name Team Dandy comes from combining the two names: Dad and Randy.
  12. • August 2006
    This is the web site I created for my high school class reunion. I actually started it in 2001 for our 20 year reunion. In 2006, for our 25 year reunion, I decided to register a custom domain name and make it easier to get to.
  13. • February 1999
    My family history web site. Of course I've got links to my family tree, but this site also has other documents and photos pertaining to my own family history.
  14. • September 2000
    My Palm and PDA web site. I launched it when I got my first PDA (Handspring Visor) back in 2000. Then I switched to Pocket PC in 2003 and the site went stale for a few years. After 3 years of excruciating pain, I finally switched back to Palm OS when I bought my Palm Lifedrive in 2006. This gave me cause to breath some life back into the site and update much of the content.
  15. • May 2002
    This is a web page I created to honor the memory of our first dog Sam. Sam was a golden retriever who lived to the age of 12½. Bringing her to the vet to be put to sleep was the hardest thing I've ever done. "Rainbow Bridge" is a poem I found on the internet that touched my heart.
  16. Scott Crevier's Web Cam • April 1, 1998
    My webcam site. The first ever webcam in the city of De Pere! I play around with this site from time to time, swapping out cameras, etc.
  17. • February 1999
    This is a site with a collection of utilties for webmasters. It contains many CGI scripts and shell scripts that I wrote. The content is getting old, but it still gets a lot of traffic and still has useful information.
  18. • January 1999
    My home automation web site. I've documented here some of the fun projects I've setup in my house. Over the years, this site has been a bit neglected. I expect I'll be quite active on it again soon.

Here are a couple of sites that I've messed around with, but that I don't really use much:

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