Scott Crevier
59 BEADS license plate
Scott Crevier
59 BEADS license plate

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👉 Catholic, pro-life, Rosary Extremist 👈
👉 Rosary postcast host 👈
👉 rosary maker/fixer 👈
👉 husband/father/grandfather/etc 👈
👉 3rd degree Knight of Columbus (19 yrs) 👈
👉 former De Pere city councilman (8 yrs) 👈
👉 Packers season ticket holder (24 yrs) 👈
👉 SNC Mens Hockey season ticket holder (18 yrs) 👈
American Red Cross blood donor (21 gals)
👉 former De Pere city councilman (8 yrs) 👈
👉 former GQ4 Quartet baritone (8 yrs) 👈
🙏 📿 🇺🇸 🦅 🐘 🏍️ ⛷️ 🍒 💻

  Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary  

[  Pilgrim Rosary #594  ]

professional bio

I've had an incredible and perhaps somewhat unlikely career. After earning a degree in Police Science, I spent 10 years in the hospitality industry where I worked for four Holiday Inn hotels in three U.S. states as well as the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, where I held four management roles. I learned some significant lessons on how to anticipate guests' needs, meet them, and most often exceed them. And, I had an absolute blast working at the Happiest Place On Earth!

My path then took an unlikely turn when I went to work at the tech help desk of a company that developed and sold hotel computer systems in Santa Ana. The technical and creative parts of my brain were so stimulated that I went back to college and earned a degree in Computer Science. What followed was a 30 year career in I.T. where I worked for three companies, ending with 17 years at St. Norbert College in De Pere, from which I retired in 2021.

The common thread throughout my career was my ability to excel at customer service. I applied concepts such as design thinking, journey maps, and personas; I not only lived these methods but I taught them to my team, giving us as a group an expert-level knowledge in how to serve people, no matter the product or industry.

Now in my retirement years, I'm driving for a health and rehab center. I bring patients to appointments and I also pick up patients who are discharging from the hospital and coming to our facility for further treatment. I love serving my neighbors and having this unique opportunity to interact with these fascinating people.

I'm always looking to combine my faith and my technology service skills in a way that allows me to serve customers and make them successful.


elected office bio

I served as Alderman, representing District 3 on the De Pere City Council for 8 years. I was first elected in April 2012. I was then re-elected in 2014, 2016, and again in 2018. After 8 years, I decided not to run for re-election in April 2020.

Election Me Opp
Apr 3, 2012 52% 48%
Apr 1, 2014 98% 2%
Apr 5, 2016 99% 1%
Apr 3, 2018 62% 38%

This was my original campaign yard sign:
yard sign

It was pretty cool seeing my election results scroll across popular TV shows:
2012 election results
2018 election results

This is episode #207 of my
Rosary Garden podcast
recorded live on Monday, July 8, 2024.
I host a weekly Rosary podcast, I make custom rosaries, I repair rosaries, and I serve as a Rosary leader in various settings.


Man In The Arena

my ancestry

According to one source, these are the homes of my ancestors:

40% Belgium United Kingdom northwestern Europe (Belgium, England)
26% France France
15% Scotland Scotland
14% Norway Norway
2% Sweden Sweden
2% European Jewish
1% Indigenous American (North America)

These are most of my web sites.

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